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Program Management
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Program Management

5 Steps of the Program Management Process

Program management is the process of implementing sustained programs of change. Unlike a project that has limited scope, a program isn't necessarily fully defined from the start. Programs can continue indefinitely and often include a complex series of interrelated projects and initiatives. As such, the program management process is a cyclical process that repeats. In fact, all steps may run in parallel at times. The following are the basic steps of the program management process.
Definition → Planning → Program Execution → Program Control → Close


Defining the strategy, goals, objectives, mission, values and principles of your program. This occurs at program initiation and may be reviewed and extended from time to time.


Developing plans such as requirements, business cases, risk management plans, budgets, operating models, specifications, capacity plans and competency models. Any business or management plan can be included in a program with no standard set of deliverables.

Program Execution

The process of implementing your plans. This often involves the sponsorship and monitoring of projects but can also include business operations such as risk management, administration and policy implementation.

Program Control

The process of applying internal controls to the program. For example, budget approvals, financial reporting and issue monitoring.


The process of closing elements of your program or the entire program. This can involve an analysis of benefits delivered, communication and lessons learned.

Program Management

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