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60 Examples of Personal Decisions

A personal decision is the process of exercising your free will by choosing what to do. This can be contrasted with indecision or a situation where you are following the path set for you by an external entity such as a society. In a free society, people have a great number of decisions to make every day such that most action, inaction and communication you undertake is your decision. The following are examples of personal decisions followed by a list of decision making techniques and methods.
Choosing a major in college.
Lifestyle changes.
Spending decisions.
Planning a household budget.
Setting future goals.
Beginning / ending a friendship.
Attending an event.
Mastering an art.
Studying versus slacking.
Career changes.
Pursuing a hobby or interest.
Attending an event such as a festival.
Discontinuing a bad habit.
Establishing an exercise routine.
Deciding to eat better.
Deciding to research an interest.
Choosing to marry.
Choosing to have a family.
Prioritizing quality time with someone.
Prioritizing quality time alone such as personal reflection.
Deciding to try to improve your character.
Buying a house.
Investing savings.
Pursuing an adventurous idea or plan such as travel.
Choosing to do nothing about a problem.
Deciding to devote time to creative expression such as painting.
Devoting self-discipline to the mastery of a talent.
Deciding to try to forgive and move on.
Choosing the high road when dealing with poor behavior.
Indulging in comfort, convenience and luxury.
Deciding that you need rest and relaxation.
Developing a strategy to overcome a problem.
Starting a small business.
Quitting a job.
Deciding to express gratitude to someone.
Adopting a pet.
Returning to school as a step towards a new career.
Negotiating a price for a used sailboat.
Deciding to give up on a bicycle that's broken.
Listing out and prioritizing your values.
Planning how to deal with some future hypothetical situation.
A musician decides to reunite with their old band.
Choosing to try to sideline a negative coworker.
Deciding to improve your work quality with effort and discipline.
Deciding to recognize an incorrect decision and reconsider.
Deciding to face a fear.
Choosing to learn from failure to try to find value in it.
Choosing to make positive assumptions about others.
Deciding that a problem doesn't matter.
Planning how to declutter your room.
Choosing a design for a diy project from 20 ideas you generated.
Planning to reduce spending to paydown a debt.
Joining a club at school.
Parenting decisions such setting a bedtime.
Choosing a gift for someone.
Writing a speech and choosing your words.
Helping or supporting someone.
Asking for help when you need it.
Deciding to try to overcome negative thinking patterns.
Setting priorities for your time such as prioritizing a good night's sleep.

Decision Making

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