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27 Examples of Digital Interaction

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Digital interaction is any communication and shared experience that occurs between people using technology. This is mostly associated with remotely interacting with people in a different place whereby the internet has allowed people to instantly interact on a global basis. The following are common examples of digital interaction.
Augmented Reality
Digital Collaboration
Digital Content Sharing
Emote in Video Games
Live Streaming
Mobile Apps With Communication or Social Functionality
Multiplayer Online Gaming
Online Chat
Online Classes
Online Comments
Online Communities
Online Competitions
Online Education
Online Professional Networking
Online Reviews
Podcast Interactions
Social Media Interactions
Text Messaging
Video Conferencing
Video Messages
Virtual Events
Virtual Reality
Vlogging Interactions


The human experience is reflected in digital environments whereby any mode of social interaction can occur.


Digital interaction includes communication or shared experience such as participating in a game together. The following is a basic overview of digital interaction with additional examples.
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