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What is Replay Value?

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Replay value is the number of times a game can be played before it becomes tiresome. A game with a low replay value feels obvious or irritating within minutes. A game with a high replay value feels interesting for months or longer. In some cases, games retain players for years or even decades with techniques such as mods, artificial intelligence and user-generated gameplay content that allow a game to grow with time. A game that isn't addictive from the first hour generally has no chance of achieving a high replay value.


Replay value is particularly relevant to gamified employee applications as they may be used day-after-day for years. An application that boosts engagement in the short run can soon become an employee annoyance. Imagine playing an obvious and uninspired game for an entire career.
Customer gamification may involve shorter interactions that are less likely to become tiresome. However, replay value can be difficult to forecast and the value of game-like features of customer interfaces can decline rapidly.
Overview: Replay Value
The number of times a game can be played before it becomes tiresome.
Replay value is perhaps the single greatest indicator of the value of a game or a gamified application.
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