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52 Examples of Digital Platforms

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Digital platforms are foundational technology services and ecosystems. These include environments for building out technologies such as a platform for developing, deploying and operating a mobile app or game. Digital platforms can also include ecosystems with many participants such as a market for digital ads that involve hundreds of firms. The following are common examples of a digital platform.
Ecommerce platforms
Social media platforms
Vlog platforms
Blogging platforms
Communication platforms
Collaboration platforms
Office productivity
Content management platforms
Markets and auction platforms
Game platforms
Esports platforms
Virtual reality platforms
Mobile app platforms
Streaming media
Streaming music
Podcasting platforms
Media production suites
Payment platforms
Fintech platforms
Trading platforms
Job search & recruitment
Travel booking platforms
Event ticketing
Cloud computing platforms
Cloud storage
Cloud databases
Serverless computing
Cybersecurity platforms
Content delivery networks
End-user computing platforms
Network infrastructure platforms
Automation platforms
Workflow platforms
Software development platforms
Machine learning
Artificial intelligence
Deep learning platforms
Virtual assistants
Quantum computing
Scientific computing
Blockchain platforms
Robotics platforms
Internet of things
DevOps platforms
Help desk
Customer support platforms
Digital advertising
Digital marketing
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