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19 Examples of Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the extension of civic duty and quality of life into digital realms such as digital media, social media and digital environments. This is associated with the idea that digital competence and participation have become important to thriving in a modern society. The following are illustrative examples of digital citizenship.
Principled Behavior
Adopting and trying to follow principles for behavior in digitial environments such treating people as you would like to be treated (golden rule)
Digital Literacy
Knowledge of issues that occur in digital environments such as algorithms that feed you content that reflect your point of view (filter bubbles).
Information Literacy
The ability to find, evaluate, process, use and communicate information.
Research Literacy
The ability to research topics and to evaluate the authority, validity and implications of research.
Digital Learning
The use of digital resources to learn.
Digital Commerce
The ability to participate in digital commerce. For example, the ability to look for a job online.
Digital Services
The ability to access and use public services online. For example, the ability to reserve library books online.
Knowledge and experience of internet norms of behavior.
Digital Access
Access to the internet and digital devices as a right.
Shared Experience
The development of shared experience and cultural capital in digital places such as forums, social media or video games.
Relational Capital
The ability to build and sustain social connections using digital tools.
Digital law
Knowledge of the law as it pertains to digital environments (e.g. copyright law).
Defensive Computing
Taking reasonable steps to compute securely.
Digital Rights
Awareness and defense of rights in digital environments such as freedom of speech.
Digital Wellness
Using digital tools in a healthy and reasonable way that sustains your quality of life. For example, limiting the use of engaging digital environments such as social media, ecommerce or video games to a few hours a day.
Digital Communication
The ability to access and use digital communication tools such as email or messages.
Digital Engagement
The ability to influence people online and engage in digital life as you see fit.
Taking care to protect your privacy online. Communication and the sharing of media can't be reversed such that once something is posted it may remain online forever.
The responsibility to protect your children and educate them with regards to digital risks. For example, restricting social media and game time to some healthy level.
Overview: Digital Citizenship
The extension of civic duty and quality of life into digital realms such as digital media, social media and digital environments.
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