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11 Examples of a Digital Twin

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A digital twin is a precise visualization of a physical object such as a product or infrastructure component. They are typically used to display information about the physical object collected with systems and sensors. The following are hypothetical examples.


A wind farm is modeled as a digital twin that displays wind patterns, wear on equipment and electrical output. The information can be used to improve the efficiency of operations.

Safety Risks

An aircraft engine can be viewed in flight including temperatures and stresses on parts. The model can be used to identify safety risks.


A race car engine is visualized to a pit crew who use the information to identify required maintenance such as a component that is about to burn out.


A digital twin of an air conditioning unit is used to identify quality issues in the unit during assembly.

Smart City

A smart city platform provides a real time navigable model of a city center that includes underground structures such as water systems. Crews can inspect infrastructure and services from a remote location.


A digital twin of a smart phone is used to visualize the performance of the device under conditions such as being dropped.


Designers of a 3D printer regularly inspect a digital twin of an operating printer to identify design defects such as parts that run hot or materials that clog parts.


A surgeon navigates a digital visualization of a heart before operating on it.


A digital twin of an industrial robot allows a remote operator to control it with accuracy.

Performance Tuning

A scientific device deployed on a spacecraft is tuned from Earth using a 3D realtime visualization.

Customer Experience

Services directly offered to customers such as modeling fashions on a visual twin of a customer as part of customer experience.
Overview: Digital Twin
Augmented Reality
Data Visualization
A precise visualization of a physical object that is used to visualize information in realtime.
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