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11 Examples of Virtual Goods

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Virtual goods are products and services that exist in a virtual world such as a game. Unlike, digital goods they don't relate to the real world. The following are illustrative examples of virtual goods.


A currency that is used to buy goods in the virtual world. In many cases, points or a virtual commodity such as gold serve a similar purpose.


A graphical representation of a player or game character.


Clothing and accessories for characters.


Property in a virtual environment. This can include abstract locations that differ from property in the real world.


Super powers and talents can be purchased in the context of a game where in the real world talent results from education and experience.


Tools used by characters in the virtual environment to accomplish things.


Gifts that can be used to facilitate social process between people in the virtual environment.


Artifacts that are valued for their rarity. These can be quite imaginative and specific to the story and culture of a game.


Services such as a custom design for an avatar. Such services may be provided by people in return for compensation in a virtual currency.


Access to events in the virtual environment.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The virtual version of fast moving consumer goods such as a bottle of water purchased at a virtual event.
Overview: Virtual Goods
Products and services that exist only in a virtual world such as a game.
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