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Slow Food
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14 Examples of Gastronomy

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Gastronomy is the culture of food production, preparation, selection, service and appreciation. This includes the end-to-end culture of food from the cultivation of ingredients to the consumption of a social meal. The following are common elements of gastronomy.


Gastronomy isn't farming but involves knowledge around how food is cultivated including terroir, appellation and what processes and chemicals are involved.


The selection of food at market such as identification of quality, taste and texture differences.

Nutrition & Diet

Considering the needs of the body for healthy food.


Considering food security and the environmental impact of consumption choices.


The art of cooking.

Molecular Gastronomy

The science of cooking including the chemistry and physics of food preparation. Associated with the use of relatively new cooking technology. For example, panko is created by passing an electric current through dough as it bakes.

Technical Gastronomy

How-to knowledge for food preparation such as recipes and how to use cooking equipment.


The art of presenting dishes in an visually appealing way.


The process of laying out a table.


Knowledge of the traditions that surround cooking and social dining.


The art of providing a food or beverage service such as a restaurant. This includes everything from interior design to the social process of providing table service.


Identifying dishes and beverages that go well together. For example, the use of kappa maki to clear the clear the palate between sushi dishes.

Manners & Etiquette

Norms of etiquette for social dining within a culture. For example, whether or not it is okay to photograph food before eating it. This can be viewed as a sign of respect by the chef. Alternatively, it can be viewed as annoying to other diners as you aren't simply enjoying the moment but are trying to capture it.

Food Appreciation

The process of appreciating food including its taste, smell, texture, sensation and visual appeal.
Overview: Gastronomy
The culture of food production, preparation, selection, service and appreciation.
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