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Systems Analysis

40 Examples of System Analysis

System analysis is the practice of planning, designing, implementing and maintaining information systems. This is a technology analysis role that may be involved in requirements gathering, systems design and operations. The following are common responsibilities of a systems analyst.
Advise business units regarding the feasibility / cost of requirements
Analysis of IT capabilities
Analyze / plan capacity
Architect systems software
Business process analysis
Conduct feasibility checks
Continual improvement of IT processes and systems
Create business cases
Design systems software
Develop & improve IT processes
Develop IT metrics & reports
Develop IT roadmaps
Develop IT strategy
Develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
Develop and implement IT standards
Develop code
Document system architecture
Estimate project work
Identification & analysis of technology risk
Investigating the root cause of problems
Leading development teams on a project basis
Maintain & support systems
Manage / coordinate projects
Manage IT vendors
Manage stakeholder relationships e.g. business units / operations
Measurement and benchmarking of systems and processes
Mentor developers / technology staff
Own products and systems
Plan IT projects
Plan system deployments
Prototype systems solutions
Provide analysis of databases, data structures and data quality.
Provide business analysis
Provide cost and schedule estimates
Select vendors & appropriate technologies to meet requirements
Support IT audits
Support acceptance testing
Support business units to develop requirements
Troubleshoot system incidents
Write scripts

Systems Analysis

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Systems Analysis
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