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26 Examples of Process Analysis

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Process analysis is the practice of documenting existing processes and identifying opportunities for process improvement. Processes are repeated flows of work that can involve both human and automated tasks. Analysis of processes can involve documenting current processes and identifying inefficiencies, risks and shortfalls. This may progress to requirements and plans for process optimization, redesign or reinvention. The following are illustrative examples of process analysis.
Define the objectives and scope of the analysis.
Deliver a gap analysis for the process.
Deliver a process optimization plan.
Deliver a process redesign plan.
Deliver a risk management plan for the process.
Determine measurements, metrics and KPIs for the process.
Determine the objectives and goals of the process.
Develop requirements to replace or re-engineer the process.
Document process flow.
Identify latent human error in the process.
Identify data gaps related to the process.
Identify gaps between documented process and actual process.
Identify process bottlenecks.
Identify process inputs.
Identify process integrations.
Identify process outputs.
Identify process risks.
Identify process stakeholders and subject matter experts.
Identify process steps.
Identify system gaps related to the process.
Identify tasks for each step.
Identify the root cause of inefficiencies.
Identity process inefficiencies such as a lack of parallel work.
Interview those who complete the process and manage it.
Map process flow to systems and data.
Perform task analysis as required to model the process.
People tend to have different views of the same process such that you may find that stakeholders offer conflicting explanations of process flow, steps and tasks. Likewise, process documentation is likely to differ from process realities. In this case, it is helpful to document the de facto process by interviewing the working level people who complete the process.
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