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8 Types of Legacy System

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A legacy system is a technology that is out of date to the point of representing an operational risk to a business. Information technology has a tendency to age very quickly as architectural techniques, software designs, programming languages, operating systems and hardware progress. A legacy system is usually older than five years of age. The classification of a technology as legacy includes factors such as:

1. End Of Life

Technologies used by the system including business software, programming languages, operating system and hardware are no longer supported.

2. Knowledge

The design of the system is largely a mystery to those who are supporting it.

3. Skills

The skills required to support and extend the system are difficult to find in the market.

4. Extensibility

The system can't be extended or changes are unusually expensive.

5. Mean Time To Repair

When an incident or problem occurs it takes a long time to repair the system.

6. Scalability

The system is unable to scale to handle anticipated business volumes.

7. Limitations

The system has a limitation such as an inability to handle large numbers or future dates.

8. Costs

Recurring costs such as maintenance are high when compared to modern systems.
Overview: Legacy Systems
A technology that is so out-of-date that is has become a business risk.
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