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29 Examples of Task Analysis

Task analysis is the process of identifying how users complete tasks and the problems, risks, inefficiencies and usability issues they face in doing so. This is part of usability analysis and is related to process analysis and user analysis. The following are common examples of task analysis steps and deliverables.
Identify tasks
Identify target users or the users that complete the task
Conduct user interviews
Conduct surveys
Identify task objectives and goals
Develop or identify task measurements, metrics and KPIs
Document task constraints
Document task characteristics such as frequency, complexity and necessary tools
Document context of use – the real world conditions where the task is competed
Identify task steps and sub-tasks
Identify dependencies and relationships
Map task steps to systems and data
Develop a task flowchart or hierarchy of tasks and sub-tasks
Cognitive task analysis – identify demands of memory, concentration, thinking, skills and attention
Identify problem solving and decision making steps
Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies
Identify gaps in processes, systems and data
Identify usability pain points
Identify task failures
Perform root cause analysis for task failures
Identify risks related to tasks
Deliver a task improvement plan
Deliver user requirements to improve tasks or related things such as workflows and systems
Deliver recommendations for improving task efficiency.
Deliver a usability analysis
Deliver a risk management plan for tasks.

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