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47 Examples of Systems

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Systems are things with many interrelated parts. These include natural systems such as ecosystems or the organ systems of your body. Systems can also be human created. These include unplanned systems that emerge such as a city without urban planning and systems that are designed such as a software system. The following are common examples of systems.
Agricultural systems
Air traffic control systems
Banking systems
Biological systems e.g. respiratory system
Carbon cycle
Climate systems
Communication systems
Economies and economic systems
Education systems
Electrical grids
Emergency services
Food chain
Food web
Global financial system
Healthcare systems
IT systems
Industrial systems
International diplomacy and related institutions
Justice systems
Labor markets
Legal systems
Military–industrial complex
Monetary systems
Ocean currents
Oxygen cycle
Political systems
Prison systems
Rail systems
Social media platforms
Social systems
Solar systems
The Internet
The global environment
The human brain and the central nervous system
Transportation systems
Voting systems
Waste management systems
Water cycle
Weather systems
World trade system
Cultures are examples of systems that emerge and self-organize without any design.
Societies are examples of systems that are somewhat planned whereby a government organizes things to some degree. As a system, society includes many parts such as laws, regulations, government departments and institutions.
Systems theory is the practice of modeling the behavior of systems. For example, systems tend to have an equilibrium whereby competing forces are in balance.
As systems are complex, the effects of change to them is difficult to predict. As such, changes to systems commonly generate unintended consequences.

Systems Thinking

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