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Shared culture is culture that emerges with the shared experience of durable groups. Culture never occurs in isolation and is a product of social interaction. As such, all culture is shared. It is common for individuals to belong to multiple cultures such that they may share culture with a large number of people. The following are illustrative examples.

Global Culture

Culture exists at the global level. For example, the culture of a popular sport such as soccer that gives people from multiple countries shared experience, symbols and meaning. This is also known as super culture.

National Culture

The culture of a nation such as the traditions associated with national holidays. Most residents of a nation share culture with each other at this level.


Ethnicity is the cultural identity of a group. This shouldn't be confused with race but it does relate to how people identify with others as being in the "same" culture. For example, to a large extent Americans share a national culture but ethnicities in America also have a distinct culture. For example, people may identify both as an American and as a Black American, also known as African American. Ethnicities living in the same country commonly have different cultures in areas such as history, heritage, language, fashion, religion, music and cuisine.

Socioeconomic Culture

People may have much in common based on their socioeconomic class such as working class, middle class, bourgeoisie and upper class that creates different cultures amongst these groups. For example, language and norms may differ markedly between the working class and the upper class in a particular nation or city.

City Culture

The shared meaning and experiences that emerge in a city such as a cosmopolitan city that has distinctive language, food and events that give residents shared culture.

Neighborhood Culture

Some neighborhoods have a strong culture. For example, a neighborhood that celebrates local festivals and holiday traditions with high participation amongst neighbors.

School Culture

School culture such as an honor system that instills students with the sense they are trusted to do the right thing.

Youth Culture

Youth typically forge unique cultures that differ from those of older generations. This tends to give people at a similar age shared culture. For example, generation x tend to have a strong sense of independence and self-direction due to common experiences in youth.

Organizational Culture

The culture of organizations and teams such as a team that has a culture of freedom and high performance such that contributors are expected to a deliver a high volume of work but can manage their time as they see fit.


Subculture is culture at relatively small scale such as the culture attached to a hobby or interest. For example, beach culture whereby certain norms, pastimes, fashion and language emerges amongst people who like going to the beach.

Respect, Inclusion and Tolerance

People typically belong to more than a single culture such that it is very common to share elements of culture with other people you may meet. Where culture is different, it is possible to demonstrate respect for the culture of others, to inquire about it and show interest. Likewise, it is possible to share your culture with others, to include them and help them to experience it. Culture can be open, tolerant and inclusive as opposed to a means to isolate, categorize and divide.


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