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12 Examples of Smart Money

Smart money is capital that is controlled by institutional investors. In many cases, funds actively managed by smart money underperforms passive funds. As such, institutional investors sometimes add negative value such that the term "smart" can be misleading whereby people may incorrectly assume that institutional insiders always outperform market averages. Nevertheless, people who control capital for financial institutions are surely knowledgeable, connected, experienced and have access to superior data sources and market technologies. As such, their market behavior is very different from that of individual investors, or dumb money. The following are common types of smart money.
Central Banks
Commercial Banks
Endowment Funds
Hedge Funds
Insurance Companies
Investment Advisors (Institutional)
Investment Trusts
Market Makers
Mutual Funds
Pension Funds
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Market pundits unconnected to large institutions may present themselves as smart money. To be clear, smart money implies that you work for institutions that manage significant capital. Smart money isn't an indication of intelligence, knowledge or past results.


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