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9 Examples of Superior Goods

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Superior goods are goods that typically make up a greater percentage of a person's spending as their income rises. These are generally expensive, scarce and high quality as compared to available alternatives and substitutes. The following are illustrative examples.


Transportation options such as a sailing yacht, luxury car or high-end bicycle.


Expensive fashion brands, bespoke tailoring and haute couture.


Specialty foods, artisanal foods and foods that are grown according to organic and sustainable methods. For example, organic raisins from a well known vineyard.


Luxury services such as a spa. For example, a person living on a subsistence wage might dedicate 0% of their spending to spas, someone with a unusually high income might spend 3% on spa treatments.


Luxury products such as jewelry.


Events with expensive tickets such as the opera.


Discretionary income often flows to travel. Wealthy individuals may travel more and select more expensive options such as first class flights.


Purchases of original artworks such as paintings.

Club Goods

Club goods such as a membership to a social club or sports club.
Overview: Examples of Superior Goods
Goods that typically make up a greater percentage of a person's spending as their income rises.
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