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4 Types of Process Efficiency

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Process efficiency is the output of a business process for a unit of input. Processes are repeatable aspects of a business that can be standardized and optimized to improve efficiency. The following are common types of process efficiency.

Overall Efficiency

The overall efficiency of a process is the value of outputs divided by the value of inputs. For example, a production line that takes inputs of $1 million a day and produces outputs value of $1.2 million:
efficiency = (1.2 / 1) × 100 = 120%
An overall efficiency of over 100% indicates a process that adds value.

Process Throughput

Throughput is the output of a process or machine for a unit of time.
throughput = output / hours
For example, a production line that outputs 30,000 units in 12 hours.
throughput = 30,000 / 12 = 2500 units / hour
This can be used to measure bottlenecks. As a simple example, if you have 12 steps in a sequential process, the one with the lowest throughput is a bottleneck.

Labor Productivity

Labor productivity is output for an hour worked.
productivity = output / hours worked
For example if you produce 1.2 million dollars in value on a 12 hour shift with 12 workers:
productivity = $1,200,000 / (12 x 12) = $8333/hour

Resource Efficiency

Efficiency can also be measured for any resources consumed by a process such as materials, energy and water.
resource efficiency = output / resource input
For example, if it requires 90 kWh of electricity to produce 30,000 units:
energy efficiency = 30,000 / 90 = 333.3 units / kWh
Efficiency can be measured for any process input in order to optimize costs or reduce environmental impact.


Process efficiency is the cost of the value produced by a process. Improving process efficiency can involve automation, investment in tools, training and optimization of process steps.
Overview: Process Efficiency
The output of a business process for a unit of input.
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