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23 Types of Growth Strategy

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A growth strategy is a plan to increase revenue. Business growth can result from the marketing, product development and operations of an organization. Alternatively, growth can be obtained with mergers and acquisitions. The following are common growth strategies.
Backward Integration
Expanding in the value chain away from the customer. Example: a furniture company that grows its own trees.
Forward Integration
Expanding in the value chain towards the customer. Example: a farmer who sells pies at a farmer’s market.
Top-line Growth
Growing revenue, possibly at the expense of profitability. Example: startup with fast growth that is loosing money.
Bottom-line Growth
Growing your actual profit instead of pursuing unprofitable revenue.
Market Penetration
Increasing your market share in existing markets with existing products and services.
Market Expansion
Entering new markets.
Product Development
Creating new products.
Product Diversification
Creating new types of products for new markets.
Market Development
Entering new markets with existing products and services.
Geographic Expansion
New locations or regions to reach more customers.
Market Entry
Distribute products and services to a new market.
Distribution Partners
Distribute through new partners such as ecommerce platforms.
Organic Growth
Growth driven by your business activities.
Inorganic Growth
Growth driven by mergers and acquisitions
Creating premium versions of your products.
Price Differentiation
Making your products more accessible to price sensitive customers without loosing high margin revenue from price insensitive customers. Example: coupons that are inconvenient to find and use.
Vertical Integration
Owning multiple levels of the value chain. Example: retailer that manufactures its own products.
Horizontal Integration
Expanding your business at the same level of the value chain. Example: manufacturer opens a new factory.
Brand Extension
Using an existing brand for new types of products and services.
Licensing and Franchising
Using intellectual property to expand revenue with licensing or franchising.
Customer Lifetime Value
Selling more to your existing customers.
Customer Retention
Reducing the loss of existing customers can boost growth.
Production Growth
Producing more of a product or service from an operations perspective.

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