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19 Examples of Business Planning

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Business planning is the process of planning the strategy of a business and the implementation of this strategy. For a new business, this is typically encapsulated in a business plan. Existing businesses may develop many business cases for expanding and changing the business. This can include improvements and new products, processes and capabilities. The following are the common types of business planning.
Mission and vision
Market research
SWOT analysis
Competitive analysis
Strategic planning
Organizational structure
Goals & objectives
Business plans
Business cases
Budget estimates
Sales forecasts
Payback analysis
Budget plan
Marketing planning
Operations planning
Resource planning
Product planning
Project planning
Quality planning
A business plan is a proposal to start a new business or expand an existing business.
Business planning for an existing business is often known as strategic planning. This can include business cases that are proposals for change to a business.

Business Planning

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Strategic Planning
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