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30 Examples of Organizational Strategy

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Organizational strategy is a plan to take action to achieve the goals of an organization. Strategies are formed with a process of strategic planning that considers constraints, competition and change to identify threats that need to be managed and opportunities to be taken. The following are illustrative examples of an organizational strategy.
Build and sustain cost leadership by reducing unit cost with scale.
Reduce overhead cost with automation and process improvement.
Develop and improve products to build and defend product differentiation.
Reduce time to market with parallel planning and development cycles.
Increase production rates with a new work shift.
Leverage sales team to build, sustain and leverage customer relationships.
Invest in new locations to grow revenue.
Expand into the European market with local distribution partners.
Increase customer retention with service recovery training.
Increase employee productivity by reducing organizational complexity.
Reduce IT costs with modernization and streamlining of platforms.
Increase employee performance by setting high standards and managing low performance.
Improve average order value by reducing the stock-out rate to less than 0.5%.
Decrease customer churn with bundled pricing plans.
Launch advertising and promotion programs to increase brand recognition to 90% of target market.
Redesign the ___ product to address customer complaints and low ratings.
Track attendance and incorporate into performance reviews to reduce absenteeism rate.
Improve customer satisfaction by re-engineering the billing process to eliminate billing errors.
Launch new add-on offers to improve average order value.
Increase production yield with new production equipment.
Hire and train more customer service reps to improve response time for service inquiries.
Launch a viewing history feature to increase sales in the ecommerce channel.
Craft and implement a job enlargement and enrichment policy to improve employee satisfaction.
Reinvent sales commissions to improve incentives and increase sales.
Create customer advocacy processes and incentives for customer service teams to improve service quality.
Allocate more resources for solving the root cause of IT problems in order to reduce incident rate.
Change the product planning process to prioritize product quality improvements.
Launch 14 new products to expand into the ___ market with initial market penetration of 10% by year end.
Reduce energy consumption by locating data centers in colder climate zones.
Reduce plastic in packaging by 80% to improve environmental impact.
An organizational strategy is not always long term. In the real world, strategies are often set on an annual basis and often change before the end of each year.
Organizational strategy is often confused with organizational goals. For example, "increase sales" is not a strategy but a goal. Strategies tell you how a goal will be achieved and indicate actions as opposed to results.
Strategies are designed to include both an action and the intended result such as a KPI that you will improve.

Organizational Strategy

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