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27 Examples of Change Characteristics

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Change characteristics are the properties of change that are commonly identified as part of strategic planning, change management and change planning. These capture the reasons for change, the difficulties that will be faced in achieving the change and the impact of the change. The following are the basic change characteristics.
Objectives and goals
Scope – what will be done
Expected resistance to change
Expected objections of stakeholders
Stakeholder impact
Revenue impact
Brand impact
Systems impacts
Compliance impact
Change readiness
Change ownership
Operational impact
Partner impact
Customer impact
Return on investment estimate
Employee impact
Environment impact
Social impact
Business case
Alternatives considered
The characteristics above can be captured in a change impact assessment, change request or business case. Documenting each of the characteristics above is basic change management due diligence. For example, considering the impact of change to stakeholders and your organization and anticipating objections to change.

Change Planning

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