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9 Examples of Change Readiness

Change readiness is the capacity and capability of an organization to achieve a particular change. This relates to awareness, engagement and commitment to the change. Change readiness can also consider the overall complexity and impact of the change and the resources available to achieve the change.

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders have been identified and there is agreement about who is to be involved.

Change Awareness

Stakeholders are engaged and aware of the urgent need for change.

Change Impact

You have assessed the impact of the change and have a handle on its complexity, risks and challenges.

Commitment Readiness

You have assembled a coalition for change and have support and commitment.

Capacity Readiness

Sufficient resources can be committed to the change.

Capability Readiness

You have the required organizational knowledge, processes and practices to achieve the change. For example, a project management office.

Leadership Support

Sponsors have sufficient leadership support and commitment to drive the change forward.

Culture Readiness

How much resistance to change can be expected.

Communication Plan

Cultural readiness, leadership support, commitment and awareness shortfalls can be addressed with a communication plan that spells out how this readiness will be achieved.

Types of Readiness

The following are common types of change readiness that can be considered in a change readiness assessment.
Compliance readiness
Cultural readiness
Customer readiness
Data readiness
Financial readiness
Governance readiness
Infrastructure readiness
Leadership readiness
Operational readiness
Organizational readiness such as cultural readiness
Planning readiness such as having completed an change impact assessment
Process readiness
Resource readiness
Structural readiness such as required teams and departments
Technology readiness
Training and skills readiness
Overview: Change Readiness
The capacity and capability of an organization to achieve a particular change.
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