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26 Examples for a Business Case

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A business case is a proposal for a project, strategy or course of action. This can be considered a pitch that gives stakeholders the information they need to make a decision to invest in a project. The following is content that is commonly included.
Executive summary
Project description
Business problem and opportunity
Project scope
Project objectives
Proposed budget
Financial analysis
Revenue projections
Cost estimates
Return on investment
Cost-benefit analysis
Market research
Competitive analysis
Project plan
Marketing plan
Operations plan
Risk assessment
Key performance indicators
Key success factors
Alternatives considered
Legal & compliance
Environmental & social
Assumptions & constraints

Problem Statement

The background of the project framed as a problem statement. Explains why the project is proposed.

Financial Analysis

A budget proposal and an analysis of return on investment, payback period and other financial projections.

Success Criteria

How the project will be deemed a success or failure.


Alternatives to the project including detail around what happens if you do nothing. Consider the opportunity costs of the proposal.


High level requirements that define what is to be done.

Assumptions & Constraints

State all assumptions and constraints upon which your analysis is based no matter how obvious they may seem. Anticipate the wants and needs of stakeholders and explicitly state what is out of scope of your analysis.


Identify potential negative outcomes that will impact your proposal or the project.


Suggest a way forward including milestone dates.
Overview: Business Case
A proposal for a strategic action, program or project.
Pitches a project
Provides a diligent investigation of cost, payback and risks.
Begins the process of defining project details such as requirements, assumptions and constraints.
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