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40 Examples of Improvement

An improvement is a change that has positive outcomes. The process of improvement involves measuring something, changing it and measuring again to confirm the change was positive. Improvements need not be continuous and incremental -- they can also be big and revolutionary. The following are illustrative examples of improvements.
Solving a problem
Measuring more things
Increased data quality
Using data to improve decisions
Better decision making processes
Faster decisions
Mastering a skill
Reducing waste
Optimizing cost
Reducing risk
Taking calculated risks
Standardizing a process
Simplifying work
Eliminating distractions
Reducing errors
Building relationships
Deeper cooperation and collaboration
Eliminating a constraint or bottleneck
Resolving a dispute
Increasing customer satisfaction
Recovering from customer dissatisfaction
Resolving a customer complaint
Automating repetitive work
Making a process or procedure faster
Increasing system reliability
Faster time to market
Becoming more resilient to stress
Increasing capacity
Increasing revenue
Increasing scale
More productive tools
Higher product quality
Increased accountability
More transparency
Less overhead cost
Lower unit cost
New or expanded capabilities
More effective communication
Implementing more mature processes and controls
Small continuous improvements are known as optimization and large improvements are known as innovation.
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