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40 Examples of Agents Of Change

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Agents of change are people who create change by influencing others, clearing issues, tackling problems, leading and doing work. This can be contrasted with the common tendencies towards resistance to change, mediocrity and effort avoidance that do not produce change. Agents of change need not have authority and power and can work at any level and in any capacity. The following are common examples of agents of change.
Bridge builders who cooperate broadly
Catalysts who create a sense of urgency and need for change
Change champions who promote change
Change initiators
Changemakers who use their authority to initiate and push
Cooperative workers
Decision makers
Diligent managers who make efficient use of resources
Diligent workers who have a drive to deliver accurately
Diplomats who negotiate compromises
Entrepreneurs who take risk and do something original
Efficient bureaucrats who clear red tape
Handlers of complexity who clear problems few can
Helpful administrators who help you jump-through hoops
Issue clearers
Leaders with charisma
Leaders with high professionalism who are respected
Leaders with political capital
Loyalists who push change forward to meet obligations to others
Makers and builders
Mavericks who find a way to do the impossible
Optimists who can see through problems to solutions
Peacemakers who resolve conflict
Active supporters who build up others and help them
Planners, organizers and schedulers
Pragmatists who can deal with real world complexities
Problem solvers
Productive analysts who figure things out
Productive designers who plan much value
Productive workers
Relationship builders
Revolutionaries who overturn systems – change isn’t always positive
Risk takers
Challengers of the status quo
Storytellers who sell change
Trailblazers who are out front of advanced change
True believers who really believe in the mission of your organization
It takes many types of talent to achieve change.
Talkers who don't at least initiate change aren't agents of change. They may influence change but agent of change applies to those who actually do the work.
Change management is largely a process of identifying agents of change and helping them while sidelining those who get in the way. In a healthy organization, agents of change will be recognized and rewarded and obstructive behaviors managed as low performance.
Agents of change are often not those who are officially in charge of a change. For example, it is common for stakeholders in a change to try to derail a change. It is also common for sponsors to be absent in their duties to drive change forward.

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