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25 Examples of Corporate Stakeholders

Corporate stakeholders are people or organizations that have interest in a corporation. This includes primary stakeholders that engage in transactions with the corporation such as investors, employees and customers. The modern concept of corporate stakeholders is also extended to secondary stakeholders such as communities that are impacted by the corporation. The following are common examples of corporate stakeholders.
Board of Directors
Environmental Groups
Executive Management
Investment Firms
Job Candidates and Job Seekers
Labor Unions
Legislative Bodies
Professional Associations
Prospective Customers
Rating Agencies
Regulatory Agencies
Stockholders and Investors
Tax Agencies
The Media
The Public
Community stakeholders is a broad term that can include many different types of stakeholders. For example, the neighbors of a construction site or industrial facility.
Historically, the concept of corporate stakeholders only included primary stakeholders that the corporation depends on for its existence.
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