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50 Examples of Confidential Information

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Confidential information is sensitive data or knowledge that is not to be disclosed to unauthorized persons or entities. Employees are typically required to protect confidential information and refrain from leaking it. Confidential information is also a focus of cybersecurity that seeks to prevent unauthorized access, use or disruption of this data. The following are illustrative examples of confidential information.
Trade Secrets
Financial records
Financial results
Bank account information
Financial statements
Asset & real estate appraisals
Transaction records
Proprietary processes
Proprietary methods
Proprietary formulas
Proprietary metrics & calculations
Software source
Personal health information
Employee records
Performance reviews
Goals & targets
Expansion plans
Procurement plans
Unreleased product details & specifications
Intellectual property
Research & development information
Client lists
Sales opportunities
Sales prospects
Government & military secrets
Information about pending negotiations
Mergers & acquisitions information
Information about restructuring plans
Confidential agreements
Security information
Internal messages
Internal documents
Client communications
Customer related documents
Student records
Passwords & access codes
Research data
Product designs
Product plans & roadmaps
Information about third parties such as credit report databases
Tax filings and records
Disciplinary actions
Employee compensation details
Biometric data
Security information
Insider information about stocks
Compliance reports
Confidential information applies to the data and knowledge of an organization such as a company and should not be confused with private information that concerns a person. In practice, there is much overlap between the two. For example, employee data is both confidential and private.
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