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11 Examples of Security Controls

 , updated on December 12, 2016
IT security controls are actions that are taken as a matter of process, procedure or automation that reduce security risks. They may be identified by security audits or as a part of projects and continuous improvement. The following are illustrative examples of IT security controls.


Employees are required to pass multi factor authentication before gaining access to offices.

Audit Trail

A web server records IP addresses and URLs for each access and retains such information for a period of time as an audit trail.


Employees are trained in defensing computing on an annual basis.

Peer Review

Design changes to a critical system require a secure code review.


Employees are prohibited from attaching documents to internal emails as they can easily be misaddressed. Instead, employees send a link to a document management system that offers authentication and authorization.

Incident Management

Any employee who loses an electronic device that has been used for work is required to report an incident immediately.


Data in storage is encrypted on all devices.


Systems perform validation to ensure employees choose strong passwords.


An IT governance process reviews security incidents on a monthly basis.


A website places a three hour freeze on a customer's account if they get their password wrong five times. This dramatically reduces the potential for brute force attacks.

Configuration Management

Changes to firewall rules require an approved change request.

Security Testing

Major system software releases are required to undergo security testing.
Overview: IT Security Controls
TypeInformation Security
IT Controls
DefinitionActions that are taken as a matter of process, procedure or automation that reduce security risks.
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IT Controls
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