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What is a Data Room?

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A data room is a secured space that houses physical data or information. The purpose of a data room is to carefully control physical access to data to those who have authority to access it. They are used for information security in data centers and may also be used to reduce financial and legal risks by placing confidential documentation in a secured location.
Data rooms may have strict access procedures, physical security devices such as mantraps and policies or technologies that prevent communication or network access from the room. In some cases, mobile phones, cameras and recording devices are prohibited in a data room.
Overview: Data Room
A physically secure location for data or information.
A secure room that is used for information sharing as part of a merger or acquisition process. Often located in the offices of a firm's legal or financial representatives.
A documentation room for a procurement process that provides confidential data to bidders.
A room in a data center that houses particularly secure storage infrastructure.
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