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4 Examples of IoT Security

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Internet of things (IoT) is the introduction of sensors, computing and networking into vehicles, infrastructure, appliances, fashion, architecture, medical devices and everyday objects. This presents a unique security challenge in several ways:

Cheap Devices

If it's common for expensive enterprise software to have security vulnerabilities, it may be far more likely for security vulnerabilities to occur in inexpensive products designed and manufactured by companies outside of the IT industry. This can create armies of weak devices for denial of service attacks. It can also compromise individual privacy on a large scale leading to a range of economic, political, cultural and public security issues.

Physical Security

In the past, most cyber attacks have been confined to information environments. The Internet of Things provides an avenue for attacks to take on physical dimensions such as crashing vehicles, sending commands to medical devices, locking people in their homes or taking over a city's physical infrastructure.


IoT may lead to many trillions of devices connected to the internet. Such devices may be extraordinarily diverse with a broad range of vulnerabilities. As such, the cost of securing these devices and damages due to attacks could theoretically become a significant cost to economies.

Chilling Effects

It may become quite common for a person to be surrounded by 1000s of IoT devices at home, work, in transit and everywhere else. If there is any perception at all that such devices are monitored by governments and others, people may live under a constant and oppressive feeling of being watched. This will likely have significant social, cultural and economic impacts.
Overview: Iot Security
The practice of defending connected physical devices and infrastructure from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction.
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