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5 Examples of a Sandbox

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A sandbox is a virtual container for running software. They are designed to prevent software from damaging anything outside the container. A sandbox is typically disposable such that it is created to run some software and then discarded. The following are illustrative examples of a sandbox.


Tools that allow users to run software they don't trust in a sandbox such that it can't damage their devices or access their private data. A sandbox looks like a complete system to the software such that it can't typically detect that it's constrained to a virtual environment.

Web Browsers

It is common to run a web browser that you trust inside a sandbox. If a website exploits a vulnerability in your web browser, the damage can be minimized to the sandbox.


Security tools may use sandboxes for research or detection of malicious digital entities. For example, a security tool may install and run software or visit websites to monitor what files end up being changed.


Virtualization such as a virtual machine is essentially a type of sandbox. For example, a web host may offer 20 virtual machines to customers on one physical machine. Each virtual machine can only access a container of resources. This provides stability as no single customer can hog resources or crash the machine.


Software platforms typically run things in containers with limited resources such that one system, application, service or component can't crash the platform.
Overview: Sandbox
A virtual container for running software.
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