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Data security is the process of securing data throughout its lifecycle including its acquisition, use, processing, transmission, storage and deletion. This is a subset of the overall information security process whereby the extended process encompasses security culture, network security, physical security, system security, data security and security operations. The following are common examples of data security.
Data Anonymization
Removing personal information from data so that it can’t be traced to a person.
Backup & Restore
Building resilient backups of data with the ability to restore it to operational use.
Data Control
Internal controls that implement data management and governance.
Data Masking
Digitally redacting sensitive data.
Data Purging
Permanently deleting data such that it can’t be restored.
Data Room
The secure place where data physically resides.
Data Wipe
Securely erasing data to prevent future access.
Identity and Access Management
Managing user identities and permissions.
Cryptographically securing data from unauthorized use.
Data Privacy
Protecting the rights of individuals regarding personally identifiable data.
Data Confidentiality
Identifying and enforcing a set of rules for who has permission to access data that is private or secret.
Security Testing
Vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and other security tests.
Threat Intelligence
Monitoring and analyzing the current threat environment.
Vulnerability Management
Monitoring and analyzing current vulnerabilities.
Patch Management
Keep systems and infrastructure up-to-date to fix vulnerabilities.
Incident Response
Resolving security incidents.
Data Risk Management
Identifying and treating data risks.
Security Architecture
The structural design of systems and data repositories for security.
Business Continuity
Planning to secure and access data in the event of a major disruption.
Data Loss Prevention
Detecting and preventing potential data breaches and violations of data security policy.
Data Governance
Oversight of data management and compliance across an organization.
Security by Design
Security built into the architecture and design of systems, processes and applications.
Defense in Depth
Many layers of security that assume nothing about the other layers.
Security Operations
The day-to-day process of monitoring and managing security.
Security Audits
Formal, systematic and in-depth reviews of security.
Security Awareness Training
Creating a culture of awareness around security issues and threats.
Security Posture
A broad and general term for a firm’s overall security strength and readiness.
Security Configuration Management
Managing the configuration of technologies for security.
Zero Trust
Always using authentication and authorization without assumptions.
Principle of Least Privilege
Granting users the permissions and access that they need and nothing more.
Data Integrity
Version control, data validation and other processes that ensure data is accurate.
Data Availability
Data security fails if it doesn’t make data available where it adds business value.
Audit Trail
Capturing information that allows data access to be reconstructed in future.
Security Forensics
Reconstructing what happened after a security incident.

Data Security

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