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Training And Development

36 Examples of Employee Development

Employee development is the process of providing employees with learning and experience to support their career aspirations and the labor needs of an organization. This is typically tied into performance management such that continued learning and improvement is part of the basic expectations for a role. The following are common types of employee development.
Awards & Recognition
Career Planning
Committee Memberships
Competency Management
Education Support
Individual Development Plans
Industry Conferences
Internal Events (e.g. Career Development Workshops)
Internal Presentations (e.g. Lunch & Learn)
Internal Training
Internal Workshops
Job Enlargement
Job Enrichment
Job Rotation
Job Shadowing
Leadership Development
On-the-job Training
Online Training
Performance Assessments
Performance Feedback
Performance Goals
Presentations (e.g. at industry conference)
Professional Conferences & Workshops
Professional Organizations
Promotions & Advancement
Stretch Assignments
Stretch Targets
Succession Planning
Competency management is the process of identifying what capabilities are important to an organization and role. These are documented with details of what it means to be competent in each area. It is common for organizations to certify or self-certify employees in competencies and track these across an organization.
Job enlargement entails giving employees more responsibility on the path to a promotion or job change. Job enrichment targets employee satisfaction by tailoring a role to an employee's interests and life.
Stretch targets are performance objectives that are difficult for an employee to achieve. Stretch assignments are actual opportunities to try difficult things.

Employee Development

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Career Planning
Job Rotation
Job Shadowing
Performance Goals
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