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Human Resources

14 Examples of Human Resources Risk

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Human resources risk is the potential for losses and shortfalls related to employees and other members of a workforce. This includes risks related to recruiting, onboarding, communication, performance management, employee engagement and retention. The following are common human resources risks.

Talent Shortage

The risk that you will be unable to recruit the employees you need.

Skills Shortage

The risk that your employees will not have the skills and competencies they require to do their job.

Employee Turnover

The risk that employees will leave, possibly in large numbers.

Health & Safety Risk

The risk of workplace health and safety incidents.

Communication Risk

Poor communication leading to issues of performance or employee turnover.

Performance Risk

The low performance of employees.

Productivity Risk

Low productivity that may be due to factors beyond an employee’s control such as project delays.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement issues such as absenteeism.

Succession Risk

The risk that you will be unable to replace key personnel with equally competent employees if they should leave.

Culture Risk

The potential for a negative corporate culture to emerge such as cronyism.

Workplace Conflict

The risk of conflict between employees.

Employee Conduct

The risk that employees will do unethical things.

Reputational Risk

The potential for an employee to damage your reputation or for your reputation as an employer to go into decline.

Compliance Risk

The risk of compliance issues related to employees or employment regulations.
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