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5 Examples of a Shortlist

A shortlist is a list of candidates for a job, position, role, award, prize or honor. These are typically developed by a committee. Shortlists then proceed to a decision making authority or vote to make the final selection. The following are illustrative examples of a shortlist.


Shortlists for an award may begin with a qualification process. For example, a film festival may have qualifying rules whereby films can be submitted for consideration. This long list is then trimmed down to a shortlist by a planning committee or similar body using predefined criteria. The films on the shortlist are invited to participate in the festival with judges or audiences deciding the final winners.


It is common for the apparatus of a political party to shortlist candidates for political and administrative roles in a government that are then submitted to a vote or an authority to decide.


It is common for a department or team to interview candidates for a position to develop a shortlist that is passed to the hiring authority. This is often the hiring manager. The manager makes a selection that is typically submitted to a hiring process that may include negotiation and further reviews and approvals.


It is common for employees to submit themselves for consideration when a role opens up in an organization. Some firms have an official process whereby employees are can request to be considered for a job posting. In other cases, an unofficial shortlist develops when a role opens up as those who are interested begin to campaign for a promotion.

Succession Planning

Succession plans for critical roles may be based on a shortlist of internal candidates who can step into a role if required. For example, a firm may shortlist three executives who could potentially step into the CEO role on an interim basis if required.
Overview: Shortlist
A list of candidates for a job, position, role, award, prize or honor.
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