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Human Resources

74 Examples of Human Resources

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Human resources is the practice of managing employees and workplaces. This is a a broad discipline that includes elements of business strategy, financial management, compliance, health & safety, labor relations, corporate culture, compensation & benefits, recruitment, performance management, employee training and risk management. The following are common examples of the duties and functions of human resources.
Absence management
Anti-discrimination policy
Background checks
Benefits administration
Candidate screening
Candidate selection
Candidate sourcing
Career development
Company culture
Compensation benchmarking
Compliance training
Conflict resolution
Contingent workforce management
Corporate culture initiatives
Diversity and inclusion
Employee assistance programs
Employee benefits
Employee career planning
Employee counseling
Employee engagement
Employee feedback
Employee handbook
Employee leave management
Employee recognition programs
Employee referrals
Employee relations
Employee retention
Employee rewards
Employee satisfaction
Employee surveys
Employee wellness
Employer branding
Employment contracts
Expense policies and administration
Flexible work arrangements
Goal setting process
Goal setting processes
Grievance process
HR compliance
HR metrics
HR reporting
Health insurance
Internal branding
Internal controls – e.g. hiring managers can’t set salary alone
Interview process
Job analysis
Job descriptions
Org chart
Organizational values
Overtime policies
Paid time off policy
Pay structure
Payroll administration
Pension administration
Performance bonuses
Performance management processes
Pre-employment screening
Recruitment marketing
Remote work policy
Retirement plans
Salary and contract negotiation
Succession planning
Team building
Timekeeping system
Training & development
Vacation policy
Workforce analytics
Workforce planning
Workplace privacy
Workplace regulations
Workplace safety
Workplace security

Human Resources

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Balanced Scorecard
Bench Strength
Bozo Explosion
Career Planning
Compliance Risk
Competency Models
Corporate Culture
Culture Fit
Contingent Workforce
Employee Behavior
Core Competency
Employee Benefits
Employee Costs
Employee Data
Employee Development
Employee Engagement
Employee Relations
Employee Retention
Employee Satisfaction
Employer Branding
Employee Expectations
Hire To Retire
Employee Experience
Human Capital
Employee Motivation
Job Depth
Key Employees
Exit Interview
People Operations
Formal Communication
Performance Metrics
Full-Time Equivalent
Goal Setting
Succession Planning
Talent Management
Time Off
Internal Branding
Work Performance
Internal Communication
Work Schedule
Job Levels
Working Conditions
Job Orientation
Workplace Issues
Knowledge Capital
Workplace Privacy
Mission Statements
Org Structure
Improvement Plan
Performance Mng
Performance Objectives
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