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44 Examples of Employee Management

Employee management is the end-to-end and continuous process of managing the employees of an organization. This is a subset of human resources whereby HR deals with other things such as compliance and managing a non-employee workforce such as contractors. The following are examples of employee management processes.
Benefits administration
Career development
Compensation and benefits
Competency management - making sure an organization has the knowledge and skills required
Conflict resolution
Disciplinary action
Employee communication
Employee development plans
Employee engagement
Employee feedback
Employee health and safety
Employee recognition programs
Employee relations
Employee retention
Employee satisfaction
Employee scheduling
Employee screening
Employee self-service tools
Employer branding
Employment contracts
Exit interviews
Expense management
Goal setting
HR policies and procedures
Hire-to-retire processes
Incentive programs
Job analysis and design
Leave management
Onboarding and orientation
Overtime management
Payroll management
Performance appraisal
Performance improvement
Performance management
Salary negotiation
Shift scheduling
Succession planning
Team building
Termination process
Time and attendance tracking
Training and development
Workplace culture
Workplace safety
Employee management is an HR function. Managing direct reports is generally known as team management.
Hire-to-retire is the full set of administrative processes that may be used over the career of an employee.

Human Resources

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