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7 Types of Training And Development

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Training and development is the process of providing opportunities for employees to gain the knowledge and experience they require to perform their job. This can improve productivity, work quality and risk reduction efforts. Training and development can also help employees to reach their career goals and make them more satisfied and loyal to a firm. The following are the basic types of training and development.


Onboarding is the process of welcoming new employees and giving them everything they need to do their job. This often includes overview sessions to familiarize new hires with your organizational structure, goals, processes, procedures, rules, principles, norms, expectations, controls and systems.

Risk Management

Training designed to reduce risk or implement risk management processes. This includes critical areas of training such as safety, information security and compliance training.

Skills Management

The process of identifying the skills required by an organization and developing areas where there is a gap. This can be conducted at various levels including looking at the skills available across an organization or in a particular team and role.

Career Planning

The process of identifying career goals and plans to achieve those goals with each employee. This allows training and development to be tailored to the interests and ambitions of each individual to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

Knowledge Management

The process of developing, retaining, using and transferring knowledge.


Allowing employees to gain experience that is beneficial to their career and their contributions to your firm. This may include work assignments that are challenging, novel and creative as opposed to routine assignments.

Training & Education

Providing employees with internal training, external training and formal education to achieve the needs of the organization and allow employees to develop towards career goals.
Overview: Training And Development
The process of providing employees with training and development opportunities to gain the knowledge and experience they require to perform their job.
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