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103 Examples of a Business Opportunity

A business opportunity is an actionable business model that can be used to found or expand a business. These include elements such as an industry, product, service and business model that explains how a business will create and capture value. The following are common types of business opportunities.
Advertising & Promotion Services
Antiques & Collectables
App Development / Marketing
Art & Art Galleries
Bars, Pubs, Clubs & Other Nightlife
Bricks & Clicks
Business / Technology Training
Business Outsourcing
Business Services
Camping & Glamping Services
Cleaning Services
Club Goods
Commercial Art
Complementary Goods
Concerts & Events
Construction Services
Consumer Products
Consumer Services
Consumer to Business
Craft Production / Marketing
Dance Studios
Data / Information Services
Delivery Services
Design Services
Drop Shipping
Ecommerce Selling / Reselling
Education Services
Environmental Remediation
Event Services (e.g. weddings)
Fashion Brands
Film Production & Distribution
Financial Services / Management
Food Products / Brands
Food Retailing (e.g. bakery)
Furniture & Home Decor
Gardening & Landscaping Services
Good Business (i.e. sustainable alternatives)
Green Energy
Hair Salons & Beauty Services
Health & Wellness Brands
Hobby Products & Services (e.g. beekeeping school)
Home Renovation
Hotels & Hospitality
IT Infrastructure Services
Import / Export
Industry Events
Inspection & Testing Services
Leisure Facilities & Services (e.g. cooking classes)
Lifestyle Products
Luxury Products & Services
Maintenance & Repair Services
Manufacturing as a Service
Marketing Services
Media Production & Marketing
Music Artists & Labels
Music Schools
One Stop Shop
Personal Coaching / Training
Personal Services
Pet Services
Pop-up Retail
Product Customization
Professional Services
Property Management / Rentals
Real Estate Agent / Broker
Real Estate Development
Recreation Facilities & Services (e.g. bowling alley)
Recruiting Services
Repair Cafe
Restaurants & Cafes
Sales Services
Software Development Services
Software Services
Speciality / Niche Retail
Sporting Goods
Store Within a Store
System Integration Services
Tailoring / Bespoke
Telecom Services
Tourist Attractions
Tours / Vacation Activities
Traditional Goods
Transportation Services
Vacation Rentals
Value Added Reseller
Vending Machines & Automated Retail
Video Games & Related Products
White Label Branding
Bricks and clicks is a combination of a traditional retail location and an ecommerce presence.
Club goods
provide access to a large scale facility or service as a fee. For example, a theme park.
Complementary goods are compatible with the products or services of another firm. For example, a saw blade that can be used in the products of major tool manufacturers.
Recommerce is a collection of business models related to reuse.
A value added reseller adds something to the products and services of others. For example, a firm that hosts and supports open source software.
White label is when a manufacturer produces a product that can be branded with your brand.

Business Opportunity

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Business Services
Club Goods
Commercial Art
Consumer Products
Consumer Services
Lifestyle Products
One Stop Shop
Repair Cafe
Service Business Models
Sporting Goods
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