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5 Examples of a Management Plan

A management plan is a document that outlines how a management team will direct resources to achieve objectives. These can be used to manage missions, teams, programs, projects and initiatives. The following are examples of sections that can be included in a management plan as required.

Executive Overview

A short statement of your mission, problem and solution. These are designed to be consumable and memorable such that they are short and to the point.


Objectives are work that is meaningful to a business. These are traditionally designed to be smart -- they identify a target time and verifiable outcome. Objectives are a detailed list of what you plan to deliver. This can include documents, events, processes, procedures, systems, products and any other deliverable that is relevant to your management plan.

Action Plan

An action plan captures what you plan to do. This is a tracker for all the work that goes into achieving objectives. An action plan can be very low level as it is intended to set expectations for all work that has been assigned. For example, low level tasks such as setting up a meeting can be tracked in the action plan.

Issue Log

An issue log captures all the problems you face in implementing your action plan and how you have resolved or plan to resolve each issue. This identifies open actions that are required to clear issues. The issue log also serves as an important artifact that answers questions such as "why was the project late / over budget?" or "why did the design change in the middle of the project?"

Risk Management Plan

A risk management plan is an identification of risks (possible future issues) along with plans to treat each risk. Please note that risks can be simply accepted. Where a risk is accepted the person responsible is the person with authority to accept the risk such as a business unit sponsor.

Management Planning

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