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21 Examples of Facilitation

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Facilitation is the practice of running an effective group communication such as a meeting, activity or workshop. A facilitator does not directly participate in the content of a meeting but plans, manages and runs it. The facilitator also monitors progress, defuses conflict and helps to keep the conversation moving in a productive direction.

Communication Objectives

Define the purpose of the meeting or activity.


Planning a meeting or activity and communicating its purpose and schedule.

Ground Rules

Establishing an agreement regarding how participants will conduct themselves.


Providing a clear structure for the meeting or activity.

Meeting Management

Introduce the purpose of the meeting and keep it on track.

Ice Breakers

Ice breakers to introduce people or set a creative tone for an activity.


Processes of unconstrained generation of ideas without criticism.

Consensus Building

Working towards agreement.


Group analysis activities such as a SWOT analysis.

Problem Solving

Working towards a solution to a problem.

Decision Making

Working towards a decision.


Prioritizing a list of actions using techniques such as pareto analysis.


A facilitator can run a negotiation but doesn’t have any power over it as an arbitrator would.

Time Management

Sidelining distractions and things that are taking too long.

Stakeholder Salience

Making sure that vocal stakeholders don’t dominate the conversation unless they have the most authority and accountability.

Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflict and enforcing ground rules.


Trying to move things in a positive and cooperative direction.

Communication Quality

Stepping in to ask for clarifications when people communicate in an unclear way.

Action Items

Tracking actions and determining who is accountable and responsible.


Collecting feedback from participants.

Meeting Minutes

Documenting and communicating the results of a meeting.
Overview: Facilitation
Management strategy
Common Pitfalls
Unclear or insufficient meeting objectives.
Lack of commitment or preparation on the part of key meeting attendees.
Insufficient ground rules.
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