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40 Examples of Formal Situations

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Formal situations are social, business and institutional events and interactions that are governed by structure such as rules and norms. These typically call for a serious demeanor, politeness and respect for the goals, traditions and meaning of a social situation. The following are common examples of formal situations.
Academic Conferences
Academic Lectures
Award Ceremonies
Board Meetings
Business Meetings
Classical Music Concerts
Client Presentations
Court Hearings
Debutante Balls
Diplomatic Meetings
Fashion Shows
Formal Dinners
Formal Receptions
Formal Theater Productions
Fundraising Events
Gala Dinners
Government Sessions & Hearings
Graduation Ceremonies
Industry Conferences
Job Fairs
Job Interviews
Memorials & Funerals
Networking Luncheons
Press Conferences
Product Launches
Religious Services
Rites of Passage
Shareholder Meetings
State Functions
Team Meetings
Thesis Defenses


Formal situations include high culture such as fine cuisine, meaningful and traditional events such as weddings and situations that have commercial or social consequences such as a job interview or court hearing. The following is a basic overview of formal situations with additional examples.


Traditional dress such as a kimono is usually viewed as formal.
Many levels of formality exist such as business formal, black tie and white tie.
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