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40 Examples of Competitive Intelligence

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Competitive intelligence is the practice of gathering information about competitors, markets, industries and products. This can be benchmarked against your results or used to plan prices, products, services, operations, sales and marketing. The following are common examples of competitive intelligence.
Industry trends
Traffic to locations
Visits to digital locations
Revenue by product
Product positioning
Product features
Product reviews
Product strategy
Product styles
Product changes
Upcoming products
Performance such as turnaround time
Service quality
Brand image
Brand recognition
Brand awareness
Branding changes
New trademarks
Promotional messaging
Leadership changes
Media coverage
Customer reviews
Customer satisfaction
Employee reviews
Job postings
Financial results
Market share
Sales win rate
Customer attrition
Product problems
Inventory problems
Competitive weaknesses
Competitive strengths
Overview: Competitive Intelligence
The practice of gathering competitive information about markets, industries, competitors, business models, products, capabilities and customers.
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