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What is Doing The Unstuck?

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Doing the unstuck is the practice of disrupting a routine in order to be more productive. It can take the form of a day that follows a new pattern of work or a ritual to vary a routine each day with a novel approach.
Routines and habits often represent a means of achieving productivity. However, they can become comfortable, narrow and dull with time. Doing the unstuck is a temporary departure from routine that is intended to refresh. For example, it might involve tackling a completely different type of work such as an office worker who takes a day off for a home improvement project.
Overview: Doing The Unstuck
A regular or intermittent change to a routine or habit designed to be stimulating and/or productive.
Temporarily breaking a routine that has become too comfortable or tedious.
Performing work that never gets done as part of your routine.
Efforts to transform yourself or your routine through experimentation and new experiences.
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