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A request for proposal, or RFP, is a document that invites suppliers to submit a detailed bid for a supply contract. This can be used to procure materials, parts, components, services and outsourcing partners. A request for proposal is used when you will consider more than price in awarding a contract. For example, a technology project where you will consider factors such as technical capabilities, reputation and ability to execute in selecting a vendor. The following is a template that can be used for an RFP bid. A complete example of this template filled out can be found here.


Describe what you want and why.


Provide the context for the request.

Scope of Work

A list of requirements. This may include functional requirements and non-functional requirements. These may be presented in a variety of formats such as user stories or specifications. Each requirement is designed to be atomic, correct, verifiable, unambiguous, complete and consistent.

Performance Standards

State your expectations for supplier performance and how performance will be monitored and controlled.


State what the supplier will deliver.

Deliverable Quality

A list of acceptance criteria for deliverables.

Commercial Terms

State the proposed legal terms of the contract.

Payments, Incentives & Penalties

Give details of how payments, incentives and penalties will be assessed and paid.

RFP Requirements

A specification of what RFP responses must include. For example, it is common to request that suppliers describe in detail how they will achieve each requirement in the statement of work. Other requirements may include a detailed price quotation, company profile, references and elements of a solution design and a solution architecture. RFP requirements may link to other templates that must be filled out and attached to responses such as a template for software architecture.

Award Process

Describe how RFP responses will be evaluated and the contract awarded.


Define a schedule including deadlines for anything you expect from suppliers.


A list of contacts for the RFP process.
Overview: RFP
A document that invites suppliers to submit a detailed bid for a supply contract.
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