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21 Examples of Interview Weaknesses

Interview weaknesses is a common type of interview question whereby a candidate is asked to list a weakness. This is done to see how a candidate handles a stressful question or to see if they have a realistic view of themselves such that they are able to identify weaknesses and self-improve. The following are common types of professional weakness that can be used as an answer.
Cultural Capital
Detail Oriented
Lack of Experience
Lack of Formal Education
Overly Trusting
Presentation Skills
Project Management
Public Speaking
Relational Capital
Risk Taking
Work-Life Balance


Never say anything excessively negative about yourself in an interview.
Using a potential strength such as perfectionism as a weakness isn't a particularly good answer but is better than revealing a serious weakness.
If there is an elephant in the room, use this and explain how you will overcome the weakness. For example, if the job posting asked for experience that you don't offer, explain how you will quickly come up to speed.
A common and good answer is to explain a challenge you faced in your career and how you overcame it and improved. For example, a challenge you faced the first time you managed a project and how this made you a better project manager.
You can also state a weakness that is irrelevant to your job description. For example, saying that you're not good at public speaking when this is unlikely to be part of the job.

Interview Weaknesses

This is the complete list of articles we have written about interview weaknesses.
Cultural Capital
Project Management
Public Speaking
Relational Capital
Risk Taking
Work-Life Balance
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