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16 Examples of a Contingent Workforce

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A contingent workforce includes any worker who is not a permanent full-time employee of an organization. This includes employees who are hired on a temporary basis, freelancers and workers who are employees of partners such as outsourcing and consulting firms. A contingent workforce allows an organization to scale up and down its teams to meet the needs of a project, season or peak demand. The following are common examples of a contingent workforce.
Contract employees
Independent contractors
Contractors and subcontractors
Temporary workers
Part-time employees
Seasonal workers
Casual workers
Gig economy workers
Outsourced workers
Offshore workers
Day laborers
Semi-retired workers
Contract-to-hire is a term for contract employees who may be hired at the end of their contract.
Part-time workers are considered contingent because it is common for employers to scale up and down their scheduled hours in response to business needs.
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