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Media influence is the impact of media on people, communities, cultures and society in general. This includes the influence of social media, digital media and traditional media such as television. Media sets agendas and frames information to influence attitudes, opinions and perceptions. In the long term, it also plays a role in shaping values, beliefs and lifestyles. The following are examples of the positive and negative influences of media.

Negative Influence

Media can spread misinformation, encourage negative behaviors and create disconnects from the real world. The following are common negative influences of media.
Fake news
Narrow agenda setting
Normalization of negative behavior
Normalization of violence
Political polarization
Encouraging excessive risk avoidance
Encouraging excessive risk taking
Reinforcement of stereotypes
Gossip culture
Promoting materialism
Promoting and rewarding narcissistic behaviors
Promoting negative role models
Culture of fear
Fear of missing out
Information overload
Information chaos
Erosion of trust
Dumbing down of issues
Creating unrealistic expectations
Promoting an obsession with social status
Acting as a substitute for the human experience
Disconnection from the real world
Discouraging critical thinking
Exploiting crisis and misfortune
Loss of face-to-face communication
Loss of productivity
Loss of quality time
Emotional manipulation
Promotion of biases
Algorithmic bias
Normalization of substance use
Glorification of crime
Neglect of important issues
Generating conflict and drama
Cognitive effects of short form content such as a short attention span
Creating an environment where people feel they need to self-censor
Suppression of information
Misrepresentation of science
Misuse of statistics
Repetition of a small number of stories and themes
Loss of trust in objective reason

Positive Influence

The influence of media largely depends on how people consume, use and interact with it. Where it could be a tool of mindless gossip and consumerism it could also be a tool of learning, relationship building and creativity. The following are common positive effects of media.
Creating transparency
Media as a tool for learning and education
Knowledge and information sharing
News awareness
Political awareness
Generating political participation and engagement
Global awareness
Social awareness
Issue awareness
Environmental awareness
Positive role models
Acting as a venue for political discourse and debate
Providing online communities
Providing social environments
Acting as a tool for meeting and interacting with others
Media as a creative tool such as a video game that lets you build things
Consumer awareness
Ratings and reviews that incentivize improvement of products and services
Promotion of literacy, digital literacy and media literacy
History awareness
Health awareness
Legal awareness
Information access
Communicates advancements in science
Video games that build skills in areas such as problem solving
Exercising critical thinking by participating in social media debates
Exercising social skills in social media
Improved concentration by reading long articles or studies in media
Media as a source of creative inspiration
Media as a valuable element of the human experience
Exercising language skills
Stress reduction with entertaining or engaging media
Enhancing empathy by learning about the lives of others
Building self-esteem with positive interactions or accomplishments online
Storytelling and the transmission of new culture
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