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44 Examples of Meaningful Work

Meaningful work is a profession or productive pursuit that adds to a person's sense that they are contributing to the world or that they are satisfied with their life. This includes humble work that is nonetheless important and fulfilling such as helping others or providing an important service to society. Meaningful work can also include professions that are profoundly challenging or that involve satisfying creative, social and intellectual engagement. The following are further of examples of things that associated with meaningful work.
Creative expression
Doing good for people
Doing good for the planet
Taking on responsibility – being someone others rely upon
Being of service
Saving lives e.g. a firefighter
Providing safety e.g. a highly professional airline pilot
Autonomy – being able to shape your work
Opportunities for growth
Sense of purpose
Creating value
Sense of team belonging and camaraderie
Solving hard problems
Work that is cognitively stimulating or challenging
Competitive battles and the sense that you are winning
Social interactions and relationship building
Building trust
Building credibility
Seeing the positive results of your efforts
Creative control
Work that is in line with your ethics and values
Work that is financially rewarding
Mastery whereby you pursue perfection of your work
Sense of connection to your community and the place where you live
Traveling and interactions with people from many places
The dignified humility of doing simple tasks well
Pursuit of power and influence
Strategic thinking and tactics
Getting respect
Bringing ideas to life
Freedom and independence
Helping those who truly need your help
Exercising empathy, sympathy and emotional intelligence
Physical work that makes the body strong
Producing works of aesthetic value
Producing works of practical value
Preserving a tradition, craft, culture or way of life
Work that makes you feel as though you are changing the world
Exploration and adventure
Leading teams
Working with animals or in nature
Pursuing knowledge and research
Pursuing a passion


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